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How to Pass an MOT Test

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As many as 58% of all drivers worry about their MOT test, with most people worrying about the cost of repairs or worrying about being ripped off during such repairs. Often, this anxiety is rooted in uncertainty about what will be looked at during the MOT test, and it can be eased through a deeper understanding of what the test is looking for. You can also give yourself the best chance of passing the first time around by following these steps.

What is MOT for?

Your MOT test is nothing more or less than a check on whether your vehicle is roadworthy or not. This means that it will remain under your control at all times, it is clearly visible to other road users and they are visible to you, and generally that it has been given the best possible chance of being safe when in and around on the UK's roads.

How to Stay in Control

Your brakes and steering will ensure that your car goes where you want it to and stops when you need it to. The very first MOTs checked these two features along with the vehicle's lights (see below) because it was these features that caused the most serious accidents when they failed. Make sure your brakes are sharply responsive in an emergency but smoothly effective when you are driving under normal conditions. Your steering is allowed an absolute maximum of 78mm of play in a non-rack-and-pinion steering system (considerably less for rack-and-pinion systems) and any more than that will earn you a fail.

Light Up

Your vehicle's lights are largely there so that you can see your way when driving in the dark, but they also allow other road users to see you, and anticipate your actions, such as your brake lights indicating that you are stopping. Make sure that all the lights work well, changing any bulbs that are damaged or dimmed for any reason. Also take the time to check that your brake lights illuminate when you press the brake pedal.

Sound Your Horn

Making sure that your horn is working well is the easiest thing in the world, but it is surprising how often people forget to check it before they take their car for its MOT! A quick beep or two to make sure the horn works well and will alert others in the event of an emergency – and it will help you sail through your MOT too!

Once you ensure all these basics, then take your car to a DVSA approved garage. We recommend Elite Direct. They provide certified car MOT in London at economical rates. Check them out, you will not be disappointed.


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