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Local Talent:

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Hope, a framed textile piece, by Amanda Benstead, evokes a calm and soothing future, £175. Contact

Sophie Basilevitch’s linocut Forever The Sea is inspired by Arctic terns, always hopeful of reaching their destination. £85.00 Contact:

painting ‘Two for Joy, over the Ridgeway’, by Caroline Ritson Acrylic on block canvas, £180.

Ushma Sargeant’s Unseen Things is a piece of textile art inspired by Misuzu Kaneko’s poem, Stars and Dandelions £950

Deep in the blue sky,
like pebbles at the bottom of the sea,
lie the stars unseen in daylight
until night comes.
You can't see them, but they are there.
Unseen things are still there.

The withered, seedless dandelions
hidden in the cracks of the roof tile
wait silently for spring,
their strong roots unseen.
You can't see them, but they are there.
Unseen things are still there.

Inspired by nature, Caroline Nixon’s art evolves with the seasons. Ecoprint cushion £80

Forest Dawn by Sue Side captures the interaction between trees and their landscape Ink and gold foil

Charlie Davies’s delicate Wherever the breeze takes me is a reminder of the whimsical nature of the unknown £150;

Robin & Pussy Willow by Denny Webb is full of the joy of spring, £379

Leaping Spaniel – a leap of hope? by Gill Heaton, £180

An upcycled disk-shaped bowl by Graham Lester showcases recycling at its most stylish, £155.

Mixed media artist Jessica Parker celebrates light on a snowy landscape with Golden Winter, £275.

Thief! – an opportunist in the natural world by Nic Vickery.


Karen Joy Art
Thu 11 Apr 2024

I love exhibiting where I can be present and talk to the visitors about my art about my art and art in general so I’m thrilled that my first exhibition of the year is Oxfordshire Artweeks (no 4 in the catalogue)

Chloe Brown wuhpxo
Tue 9 Apr 2024

Contemporary artist Chloe Brown, who has a permanent art display at Aintree, the home of the Grand National, is opening her Bicester studio during Oxfordshire Artweeks and welcoming visitors to come and meet her and see her work. Esther Lafferty finds out more.

Helen Grimbleby xmpqsv
Tue 2 Apr 2024

OX Magazine are delighted to support Oxfordshire artists and bring you behind-the-scenes stories of their creativity all year round. As we look ahead to next month’s Oxfordshire Artweeks’ open studios and pop-up exhibitions (4-27 May), we’d like to introduce you to some of the artists and makers who will be showing their work as part of the festival for the first time this year.

August Sunset
Tue 2 Apr 2024

Cathryn Jeff is a popular Oxfordshire landscape artist, known for her vibrant paintings that enhance the colours and views of the county with texture, energy, and sparkling imagination.