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Meet Your Holiday Hair Heroes


Tangled, parched, frizzy, greasy, split, faded and broken. Nope, we’re not coming up with alternatives for Snow White’s squad just listing the reasons we end up hating our hair in August. Happily, help is at hand…

Briogeo’s Superfoods shampoo and conditioners are essentially smoothies for your hair. They are crammed with vitamins and minerals which give life to dull hair, and papaya enzymes to help balance excess oil.

£26 each

We love a great beauty innovation and Kent’s Allure 2-in1 Hairbrush has delighted us with its cunning perfume pad. Simply load it with your favourite fragrance and, as you brush your hair, scent will be dispersed.


Not just tres chic, but also tres bonne when it comes to addressing scalp concerns. Christophe Robin’s Cleansing Purifying Scrub is made with sea salt for exfoliation and fragranced with the zesty, floral notes of summer in Normandy. Massage into your scalp and then add water to lather up and wash away.


If humidity is wreaking havoc with your curls, this multi-purpose spray will help give back their definition and inject a little moisture. Hydrating, lightweight nourishment for between washes, this is suitable for waves, curls, coils and spirals.


Skinification has become one of the biggest buzzwords in the beauty industry and it basically means caring for our hair in the same way that we do for our skin. This leave-in spray acts as any a sun lotion; protecting against UV and colour damage, and restoring moisture-loss.


Arguably the most aesthetic hair brand of our time, Monday Haircare’s Dry Shampoo range leaves no white residue and smells of delicious gardenias – double win. Plus, as well as the original formulation, there’s one specifically for brunettes and another which adds insane volume.


Like your best friend who buys you shots and then makes sure you drink a pint of water before bed, LeaLuo has your back. It encourages you to live your best life in terms of colour and styling and then it is there for you when your locks need restoration. Grim hair will get glossy again after a few minutes slathered in the Save Yourself Hair Mask.


Brassiness be gone. Not only does Jerome Russell’s Silver Conditioning Water brighten up blond and greys with its purple tone, it also leaves hair feeling like it’s been deeply conditioned. All in just 10 seconds. Amazingly, the vegan formulation is free from sulphates and even manages to squeeze in a UV filter to protect against sun damage.


Leonor Greyl has rightly achieved cult status for the Beautifying Oil. The bottle tells you it’s a pre-shampoo treatment oil for dry hair and that it will protect against sun and water. Experience will tell you that this can be used as a mask, as a shineenhancer, to tame frizz and manage ends and also delivers perfect slicked back gloss.


Developed by the late, great Philip Kingsley for the US Olympic Synchronized Swimming Team, Swimpcap is water-resistant and protects against chlorine, seawater and UV rays. Comb through damp hair and leave it on all day as you go about your business, be it beach, pool or just enjoying the sun.


Each product in Wunderbar’s pro line of care products range contains the Revitalizing Tri-Complex (protect, repair, nourish). Also, all are pH neutral, 100% vegan and use colour-safe ingredients to target key concerns including scalp care, damaged hair, brassiness and frizz.

£16.99 each


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