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Oxfordshire's Booming Online Business Sectors

“Oxford's entrepreneurial spirit and vast network make it an ideal location for small businesses to establish themselves.”

The way we do business is changing. In retail, more stores are leaving town centres and heading to out-of-town malls. Meanwhile, more companies than ever are based online. These businesses are thriving in Oxfordshire, with local companies from various sectors showing how to do things right.

Online shopping

Online shopping has certainly come into its own over the past couple of years, and we have picked a couple of Oxford-based companies that have gone from strength-to-strength post-pandemic.

Wicked Chocolate has an extensive selection of gorgeous chocolates on its website and is also located at the covered market in Oxford.

Offering pure chocolate perfection; whether you want to make your own box of handmade white, dark, milk, nutty, fruity, creamy, or beautiful boozy Belgian chocolates and truffles, have a craving for a deluxe box of mixed chocolates, want a bar of craft-made chocolate, or feel like some traditional British confectionery. Oxford is the perfect destination for eating.

What Columbia Coffee Roasters doesn't know about coffee isn't worth mentioning, and they know what they are talking about when they are procuring, roasting, and brewing from tree to cup.

Their 100% Arabica coffee is sourced from their family farm and tiny neighbouring coffee farms in Colombia's highlands. Having a direct link with their farmers ensures that their coffee is of high quality.

Financial services

Offering impartial advice to residents of Oxford and beyond is Oxford Financial Group.

An independent, fee-only team of financial advisors that does not sell products or receive commissions, and has no ties to banks, investment managers, broker/dealers, or administrative service providers.

They care about the communities and people they represent and are proud of the independence, objectivity, and wise advice they provide to families and businesses.

They have pledged to stay independent, so you can be confident that future generations will receive the same unbiased advice that their clients receive today.

SVWM (Strategic Vision Wealth Management) is one of just a handful of independent financial adviser firms in Oxfordshire listed in a Law Society-endorsed directory.

They are dedicated to providing their clients with the best independent financial planning and asset management whilst using customised internet platforms. Individuals, corporations, trusts, and lawyers can also get help online and in person.

Their independent financial consultants are exceptionally skilled and knowledgeable in supporting consumers in developing, maintaining, and managing their money, assets such as property, and objectives. Focusing on what's essential and offering the necessary guidance to help ensure that this continues to happen.

They take pride in providing conventional principles and personalised attention to each customer while employing cutting-edge technology to help individuals, organisations, trusts, and lawyers achieve their objectives in the most cost-effective way possible.

Tech and gaming

Oxford is quickly establishing itself as a key innovation centre in the UK. It has a long history of developing new technology firms, with computing and health tech being solid industries.

The city is an excellent location for deep-tech, AI, space, and MedTech startups. The universities have a worldwide reputation, and it has a long and rich history of research and science.

Oxfordshire-based Black Cow Technology is a company that is booming.

It is a tech company that supplies enterprise-grade open game servers to the iGaming industry. Their typical end users are gaming and casino platforms, including licensed online casino companies and game development companies across the globe, such as 2 by 2 Gaming, Sigma Games and Skyrocket.

Since starting with GECO Gaming in 2013, it has continually worked with partners to improve its Open Gaming Architecture (OGA). As a result, it builds and supplies a powerful platform functionality that includes free bets, jackpots and multiplayer capability, meaning everyone benefits from ever-more-powerful software.

Another one to look out for is Oxford Space Systems, which designs and manufactures satellites, including deployed antennas and components.

Oxford Space Systems (OSS) is a multi-award-winning, venture-backed space technology company producing a new breed of deployable antennas and frameworks that are lighter, less complex, and less expensive than those now available.


Oxfordshire is a beautiful part of the UK. It is great to see so many online businesses booming after the devastation that Covid-19 and the numerous lockdowns had on commercial companies.

Oxford's entrepreneurial spirit and vast network make it an ideal location for small businesses to establish themselves. For example, health and medical technology are both primarily developed in Oxford: some of the most ground-breaking discoveries related to cancer and HIV medicines are being made here.


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