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Planning a Holiday Proposal?

Holiday Proposal

Almost one in four proposals happen abroad but planning the perfect moment can be stressful if you’re the person proposing.

Not only do you have to pick your perfect moment – golden hour perhaps – and the perfect place – on the beach? at the restaurant? – you also have to figure out how to ensure the all-important ring doesn’t get misplaced or, worse, discovered before you have the chance to ask the question. Engagement ring specialists at Angelic Diamonds have been in touch to share their top tips for ensuring you get your engagement ring through security.

Never store the ring in your checked-luggage

According to reports, airlines lose an average of 25 million pieces of luggage each year. If you are one of the unlucky ones whose luggage goes astray your proposal plans will be stunted, and you’ll spend your trip worrying if it will ever turn up. Also, if your suitcase isn’t tracked down your travel insurance may not cover the cost of the ring. Some cheaper policies only cover for up to £200 for a personal item so if you are travelling with an engagement ring think about ticking the box for specific jewellery cover.

If you’re flying to your proposal destination, you’re likely concerned about how to get an engagement ring through airport security, considering you’ll be stashing it within your carry-on bag.

Getting through security

It sounds so obvious, but make sure you join a separate security queue from your partner in case your bag does get searched. It also means you can discreetly talk to the security guards should you want to let them know about the ring which should be packed in its box in your hand luggage. Don’t keep it in your pocket as it will set off the metal detectors and your secret could be revealed. Instead, pack it into your hand luggage in its box. You could put a post-it saying ‘engagement ring, please be discreet’ to tip off any security guards but only if you’re confident that your partner won’t be checking your bag if they’ve forgotten their gum.

If the ring box is significantly larger than the ring you might be tempted to ditch it to save on space and make it less obvious. However, that would leave it unprotected and there’s also more chance of losing it if it is loose in your bag. Small ring boxes are fairly easy to pick up, so it might be worth investing in a second box for travel. You could then disguise it further by folding it in a rolled up pair of socks or folded into some clothing.

At your destination

You may be able to store the ring in a deposit box in your room although your partner may mistakenly come across it if they use the safe. Some hotels may have an alternative safety deposit box that you can use to store the ring. If not, or if you are not staying in a hotel, keep it in your luggage and lock your suitcase. When planning the proposal, we recommend doing it early in your holiday. That way, you can enjoy your first holiday as an engaged couple and you no longer need to keep the ring a secret or worry about misplacing it as it will be on your partner’s finger.

With thanks to Angelic Diamonds


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