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The Ice Man Cometh

Rach Cox meets Wim Hof


Rach Cox is perhaps better known as the woman behind Om & Bass who run yoga festivals and wellness retreats throughout the year, in addition to regularly uploading guidance, classes, interviews and vlogs on the Om Bass YouTube channel.

In September, the Om & Bass Weekender, a camp-out event, will be held at East Hanney in Oxfordshire. It will be a celebration of nature, wellness, movement, connection, breath, yoga, meditation and healing; all in a beautiful woodland setting with live music, campfires, craft, conversation and, of course, dancing. Earlier this year, Rach caught up with Wim Hof, the Dutch extreme sportsman – aka The Iceman – known for his ability to withstand freezing temperatures. His ‘Method’, which combines a commitment to mindful cold water immersion with breathing techniques, has become increasingly popular due to the positive wellness benefits which include reduced bodily inflammation, reduced stress and increased energy.

Rach: You’ve broken several world records, ran a marathon barefoot in the desert, climbed Kilimanjaro and Mount Everest in shorts, been injected under laboratory conditions and scientifically proven things that were beyond our comprehension. A generally amazing chap who also manages to maintain a sense of humour.

Wim: If life isn't about laughter, happiness, strength, and health then it doesn't serve the purpose. The characteristics of who we are in our depth is the soul, and the soul expresses itself in being happy, strong and healthy. Become one with the wealth within and you will shine and radiate love and energy and prove all the scientists in the world wrong in telling us we need pills and medicines to get back to who we are.

R: You helped a lot of people in the pandemic by making your course accessible which is another point that I really respect you for.

W: It is accessible, it is effective and it is powerful. All the content is on YouTube and Instagram. 20 years ago when I had nothing, everybody thought I was crazy – I’m still the same guy, but now, I’m accumulating more and more attraction, power, and audience. I believe in what I do – this is a belief of a simple man who wants to make people happy, strong, and healthy. I am unstoppable because the truth of this is stronger than the existent lies, and the concoctive realities. We live in a competitive society of, ‘Hey, I need to be better than you’. You can get more attractive or more energy, more money, but not more happiness. If I find out after 30 years of buying, buying, buying that I’m not happy then it’s very difficult to awaken to the ability to become happy.

The word yoga comes from a verb; to unite, to make and to connect. 50 years ago, yoga was non-existent in the West, it only came because of the Beatles, the hippies and all that openness. The way it was used before was different and it manifests differently depending on the problems. Nowadays, our neurology has changed, our bodies have changed – telephones, the radio, electricity – it all changed so we have had to bring in different techniques.

I’ve found the cold is a great way to reunite with the depth of our physiology. The cold is merciless but righteous, it brings you into the depth of yourself, and if you don’t breathe well, you will jeopardise the body but if you do the right breathing, then you make your body stronger. That icy water is a mirror to see if you are in control of your inner physiology in the depth. If you learn to connect with your body through going into the cold, through learning how to handle the deep physiology, the biochemistry, then suddenly the captain can command.

I’m doing research now on the DNA related to our ancestral genetic encrypted codes which means our ancestors who are within us. We are able to connect our past lives and also this life with the DNA inside the cell and change what is captivated through trauma in the ancestral past. And then enlightening comes. If you release captivated karma, then you get into a deeper trauma from past lives. This research will teach us how to beat inflammation and how to regulate our moods. We can enter far deeper into our physiology, emotions, even our ancestral past.

R: That’s some pretty big news Wim! It sounds like there are some answers to things that people have been asking questions about for a long time. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the medical industry has yet come to you to ask about Covid?

W: No, I know. The damaging factor of Covid is those acetyl cytokines. Cytokines are inflammatory markers within the blood that deregulate our immune system. It then becomes overactive which is called a cytokine storm. In science, they consider it to be impossible to bring down a cytokine storm without the aid of vaccines. In a medical comparative study in 2014 our research suggested it is not impossible. I’m not into conspiracies, but why don’t they take this up?

R: I have tried to lead people to your method but they are more comfortable with medication. I just want to shake them! You must see this a lot?

W: Yes, but I also see a lot of success and it’s only increasing. I’m reaching millions of people – now I go for the billions. Everybody has the right to live in the light. Now it’s a matter of keeping on going until it’s mainstream. They say breathing has become mainstream – Justin Bieber is doing it, he says Wim Hof is a G! Gwyneth Paltrow had a Netflix documentary with me and, so it is getting into the mainstream. I want people to have a non-dogmatic choice. There’s a Dutch proverb saying, ‘You can be right, but you need others to confirm it as well’.

I want to help the people by showing them that they are the owner of their minds and when you own your mind, and you can access any part of it. Anything that is deregulated or out of balance, you can repair it. I don’t need money, Mother Nature gives it to all of us, and it’s time that we awaken to that and to pass it on. Then there is no fear anymore. There is no war anymore, no possessive career-chasing, competition, none of it is needed because you got the best already, it’s you. Become a member again of Mother Nature’s creation. That is you, your beautiful mind and body together and you got it. Indulge in being happy, strong and healthy. Make sure you’re living it every day because the rest is bullsh*t, don’t attract bullsh*t.

R: You’ve mentioned happiness a lot. What do you feel about joy?

W: I enjoy life to the fullest every day. I’m 61 years old, but I’m a child of 61 years – I love to play and not think. That is control of the mind; letting go of stupid thoughts, worries and all these things that make you heavy, because they are not connected to your body. I have found great enlightenment, great realisations and great winnings over myself. Nature is so enormous, you just have to surrender to it. Within that surrendering, we can have a peep into our soul as soon as we let go of this egotistic thinking. Joy is the reason, sheer joy, sheer love.


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