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The Power of Curiosity

OX's very own Renée Watson at TEDxAthens

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Our incomporable science writer, Renée Watson, was recently onstage at TEDxAthens asking, 'Is curiosity the secret to a wonder-filled life?'

She's the founder and Head of Explosions at Curiosity Box, a STEM activity subscription box scheme that's spread the love of science to countless young people of all age groups. Last year she was named by Melinda Gates as one six women in STEM to watch. She's now championing a move away from test-led classrooms in primary education and advocating for an approach that puts a child's innate curiosity at the forefront at learning. If all this wasn't enough, Renée will be co-captaining the European over-35s team at the Touch Rugby World Cup. We're priviliged to have this real-life superwoman on our team here at OX - and here she is in her own words...


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Mon 13 Sep 2021

100 Years of Insulin

Advancements in The Science of Diabetes

This year marks the 100-year anniversary of the discovery of insulin, the hormone responsible for regulating blood sugar levels in the body. We talk to Branwen Bindra, a volunteer with Diabetes UK, and Oxfordshire mum Sam, to hear their stories.  

Wed 16 Jun 2021

Functioning and Connecting

The history and health benefits of Coffee

From lattes and cappuccinos to macchiatos and frappuccinos. Cold brew, hot brew and dairy free options all to be tweaked with an ever-expanding list of syrups. What’s not to like? I suspect coffee is here to stay and I for one am extremely happy for it. 

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Wed 5 May 2021


Reduced Environmental Stimulation Therapy

Floatation or REST (Reduced Environmental Stimulation Therapy) was pioneered in the US by Neuroscientist John C Lilly and Dr Jay Shurley at the National Institute of Mental Health in the 1950’s. 

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Mon 26 Apr 2021

The ‘Fashionable’ Alan Turing

Reflections of Alan Turing: A Relative Story

Sir Dermot Turing talks about his uncle’s suicide and problematic royal pardon, 60 years after his conviction for ‘gross indecency’.