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The Power of Curiosity

OX's very own Renée Watson at TEDxAthens

OX Magazine
Renee power intro 2

Our incomporable science writer, Renée Watson, was recently onstage at TEDxAthens asking, 'Is curiosity the secret to a wonder-filled life?'

She's the founder and Head of Explosions at Curiosity Box, a STEM activity subscription box scheme that's spread the love of science to countless young people of all age groups. Last year she was named by Melinda Gates as one six women in STEM to watch. She's now championing a move away from test-led classrooms in primary education and advocating for an approach that puts a child's innate curiosity at the forefront at learning. If all this wasn't enough, Renée will be co-captaining the European over-35s team at the Touch Rugby World Cup. We're priviliged to have this real-life superwoman on our team here at OX - and here she is in her own words...


Plastic Polution on Kuta Beach Bali The Big Bang
Wed 7 Aug 2019

The Big Bang - July

Boycott the Bottle, says Renée Watson...

Five years ago, almost to the day, I was issued with a legal notice from an organisation protecting the interests of a group of large multinational food and drink producers. After I regained control of my shaking, I did what all good scientists do, I pulled together a dossier of all my research and threw water on their flames… tap water.

Cotswold Wildlife Park Ice Tapirs with keeper Jenni
Thu 25 Jul 2019

With temperatures rising rapidly, the animals at Cotswold Wildlife Park have been keeping cool with a little help from their keepers.

Moon Landing
Mon 15 Jul 2019

50 years ago at 9.17pm on 20th July 1969 science fiction came face to face with science fact, when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first humans to land on another celestial body and Henley-On-Thames will be marking the exact date and time of the Moon landing

TEDX Speaker
Fri 5 Jul 2019

TEDx Comes to Oxford

TEDxBonnSquare launch their conference

The newly established TEDx conference in Oxford, will host incredible storytellers from the fields of technology, entertainment and design later this year in October. TEDxBonnSquare will be held at the iconic Sheldonian Theatre on Broad Street...