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Tray Chic

Charlie and Milly Hibbert

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© Kirsty Young Charlie Hibbert at Thyme’s cacio e pepe

The Tray Chic series of recipes and movie recommendations comes to us from the brother and sister team, Charlie & Milly Hibbert, at the helm of Cotswolds’ gem, Thyme.  Milly has chosen the movies and dressed the trays with their Bertioli by Thyme linens, all designed by their mother – Thyme’s founder, Caryn, which are available at Thyme in Southrop and on; Charlie, who’s in charge of all things food at Thyme has put together these quick, simple and delicious recipes.

Movie Recommendation: The Big Night (1996)

Two Italian brothers  struggle  with the  trials and tribulations of running a restaurant in 1950s New Jersey. Now,  if we were to recommend  the  show stopper  pasta dish cooked in the Big Night,  firstly  we'd have to  know their secret recipe and secondly  it certainly would not  constitute  a quick and simple dish! Instead, the  fantastic  Cacio e Pepe will allow you to settle into this classic movie in 15  minutes flat. 

Tray: Caryn’s hand painted designs feature the flora and fauna found at Thyme. For our July tray I’ve chosen the Oak Leaf design; king of the woods, the oak is a symbol of strength, wisdom and nobility. Perfect for a ‘classic’ night in.

Food: Cacio e Pepe by Thyme’s Head Chef, Charlie Hibbert

Cacio e Pepe is a simply delicious pasta dish. Meaning literally "cheese and pepper", it is the perfect combination of ingredients to make a perfect meal.

Serves 2

Prep & cooking time: 15-20 minutes

Difficulty: easy


200g pici or tonnarelli (or thick spaghetti for a quick cupboard forage)

1 ½ tsp  cracked black pepper

2  heaped  tbsp butter

2 handful of  pecorino (or Parmesan)

To serve...

Extra pecorino, grated for sprinkling


Have a pot of  salted, water boiling  (enough to cover the pasta but not too much ) and a heavy based pan set to one side ready.  Add the pasta into the water and stir. Allow the pasta to cook for one minute whilst the heavy based pan is heating up over a high heat. Put a ladle of the pasta water into heavy based pan and allow the water to reduce by two thirds. Into this pan of reduced water, add in the butter and pepper. Reserve a mugful of the pasta cooking water and drain off the pasta when cooked. Add the pasta into the pan of reduced water, butter and pepper and scatter over the pecorino, still over a high heat, beating everything together to form a smooth sauce. Add in a splash of the cooking water, and allow to cook out to form a smooth sauce that coats the pasta, stirring all the while. Divide between a couple of plates and eat  immediately.


Triffle qxd6k2
Fri 1 Dec 2023

St Clement’s Trifle 

Thyme and Again

Recipes and notes from Charlie Hibbert, Chef Director at Thyme: a pastoral idyll which offers a place to pause for thought in harmony with the seasons.

Let s Eat Cookbook by Dan Pelosi jctciy
Fri 1 Dec 2023

Equating food and love is a well-worn trope, but when you’re rushing to get a meal out it’s sometimes hard to make a quick pasta dinner into an expression of feeling. In Let’s Eat, 100 Recipes to Fill your Heart and Home, Dan Pelosi has done the work for you. “A warm-hug of home cooking”; its pages are stuffed full of love.

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Thu 2 Nov 2023

On Wednesday 22nd November, from 7pm, Wilding will host an exclusive Barolo & Truffle evening.

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