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What Makes Me: James Bourne


James Bourne is one of the most successful songwriters of his generation, but to most he’s best known as founding member of pop-punk band, Busted, who had a succession of number one hits in the early 2000s. His credits reveal him as the man behind music from McFly, the Jonas Brothers and, of course, McBusted; the Busted/McFly mash up formed in 2013.

After finding himself stranded in the Caribbean during lockdown, James embarked on writing tracks for his solo album, Sugar Beach (released 1 July). The first single, Alone in Paradise, riffs on his experiences and the title track is a laid-back, sun-soaked synth-led summer bop.

What Makes James…


Spending time with my girlfriend or listening to music in my truck whilst drinking out of a fresh coconut after a jiujitsu class! ???? 


I just had two funerals two days in a row. Funerals are very sad…


  Driving on the motorway and seeing other drivers on their phones not looking at the road. 


The sun setting over the Ocean ???? 


Making music with my friends or creating something that makes me feel inspired!


Bad remakes or sequels of my favourite films. Independence Day, Scream, Ghostbusters to name a few. 


The music from back to the future as soon as it starts. I also love watching the UFC

Get Outdoors? 

My F150 truck makes me wanna drive out into the desert ????. It’s the Ultimate road trip vehicle. I rented one for my music video Time Kills us All and didn’t wanna return it so I went out and bought one! 

Sugar Beach by James Bourne featuring the single Safe Journey Home will be on digital release from 1 July and also available to order in three signed physical formats: vinyl, CD and cassette.

Follow James on Instagram @jamesfutureboybourne


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