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Rekindling the Real

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The festivities are nearly upon us. Sparkling, enticing shop windows, enchanting light displays, rich colours everywhere and an air of excitement, anticipation and enthusiasm running freely through the population. It’s a time for reunion, for sharing and for enjoying the simple pleasures of human existence. A time of reflection, connection, and celebration; reminding us all, of the joyous aspects of togetherness, ready for the year to come. Often though, this isn’t always the reality.

“We’re living in a time of true disconnection. While technology seems to connect us more than ever, the screens around us disconnect us from nature, from ourselves, and from others. Wi-Fi alone isn’t enough to fulfil our social needs – we need face-to-face interaction to thrive. Technology should be enhancing our connection to others, not replacing it. Our inherent need for human connection doesn’t mean that every introvert must become a social butterfly. Having a human connection can look different for each person. And if you’re not sure where to start in finding meaningful connection that’s okay. Connecting with others is more important than you might think. Social connection can lower anxiety and depression, help us regulate our emotions, lead to higher self-esteem and empathy, and actually improve our immune systems. By neglecting our need to connect, we put our health at risk” (The importance of Human Connection, 2019, Canadian Mental Health Association).

Let’s make a conscious and determined effort this December to rekindle ‘lost’, ‘real’ relationships. A back-to-basics approach to community and interpersonal interactions. Reach out to an old friend you’ve lost touch with; return that DM with a phone call or even better, an in-person invite for a get-together; volunteer for a cause you care about; introduce yourself to your neighbours; ask someone to help when you need it; do a random act of kindness.

This Christmas seek out that opportunity to experience what truly means to be human – connect for life; connect for wellness and connect for a healthy and rewarding existence. Enjoy!



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