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Philip Baldwin

Is a human rights activist, with a focus on LGBT issues and sexual health. He writes for a number of publications, including ‘HuffPost’ and ‘Gay Times’

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Thu 26 May 2022

June is Pride Month in the UK. This will be celebrated in a number of ways moving forwards into summer. Many Pride events were cancelled in both 2020 and 2021, so there is a sense of anticipation. 

Mon 13 Sep 2021

Kevin Warwick has had a distinguished career in science and robotics. He currently teaches at Coventry University. It was a pleasure interviewing him for OX Magazine.

Claudette Johnson Reclining Figure
Fri 9 Aug 2019

Oxford Unfiltered - August

Claudette Johnson: I Came to Dance

Modern Art Oxford is known for its groundbreaking exhibitions and Claudette Johnson’s ‘I Came to Dance’ is no exception.

Oxford Unfiltered July Victoria cruziana
Tue 2 Jul 2019

University of Oxford’s Botanic Garden, founded in 1621, is the oldest surviving botanic garden in the UK and contains over 6,000 plant species. Philip Baldwin visited it for the first time over a bank holiday weekend this year.  The garden was conceived in the 1620s, in the decades before the Civil War, as a place to grow and study medicinal plants, such as the male fern (Dryopteris filix-mas)...

Oxford Unfiltered June Oriel College Oxford
Thu 30 May 2019

"I am fortunate to have a strong relationship with both my parents, but like many LGBT people, I was worried about coming out to them. This was particularly the case with my dad, who was born in the 1950s and had a very traditional upbringing" Philip Baldwin tells his coming out experience...

Oxford Unfiltered Akram Zaatari Dance To The End of Love Film Still Exhibition Modern Art Oxford
Thu 2 May 2019

Zaatari hails from Lebanon and his practice often, although not exclusively, relates to the creation and dissemination of images in Arab societies. He also explores how individuals choose to present themselves in front of the camera. They often project facades which are very different to their ordinary lives, even if this just means wearing large sunglasses, or posing with an advertising cut-out of a model...

Oxford Unfiltered Philip Baldwin Headshot Smiling
Wed 17 Apr 2019

We are fortunate to have some of the UK’s finest museums in Oxford. The Ashmolean Museum, founded in 1683, is not just the UK’s oldest public museum, but also the oldest university museum in the world. It is currently hosting an exhibition by art star Jeff Koons.