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Quartz Aesthetics
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Wed 3 Feb 2021

Fierce in February

Product Review and Recommendations

An immeasurable joy of my job is that during the course of the working week I am not just lucky enough to receive news of the latest mega launches, but also of niche brands that can fly under the radar.

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Wed 3 Feb 2021

Need we remind you of the deleterious effects of the albeit very necessary need to keep hands sanitised and clean? The drying effects of regular upkeep can and should be mitigated by regular tender loving care. Taking a little time to restore the moisture levels in your palms could yield greater reward than mere soft skin.

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Wed 3 Feb 2021

If your new meeting point is online, we’re willing to bet you’ll be spending at least some time oblivious to the conversation and examining your own face (or is it just us?) we are daily confronted with an abundance of faces and whilst the tech is there to manipulate the reflection looking back at us, so is the make-up and we know which we find more fun.