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Henley Greenlands
Merton House Hotel
The Ashmolean Museum
Ellesmere Island Boat Front Crashing Through Waves
Wed 10 Jul 2019

Ellesmere Island

A Journey Into the Northwest Passage

Low tide had left an overhanging blue-white wall ten feet high, dripping and dangerous. As Peter tried to heave himself over it, a block of ice the size of a small car cracked off nearby and crashed into the sea, sending a huge wave hurtling towards him. He quickly clawed his way over the side, for he was here on a mission in search of long-lost ghosts and didn’t want to join the Casper fraternity. A fatal step at this spot wouldn’t have been the first. This barren shore, just off Ellesmere Island in the tortured topography of Canada’s High Arctic, was the scene of one of the worst disasters in the history of Arctic exploration... 

Grimsey Birdseye View over Sea
Fri 28 Jun 2019


Where Nature Still Rules

Lying little over 40 km (24 miles) off the north coast of Iceland, and straddling the Arctic Circle, the tiny island of Grímsey is a green, grassy and particularly agreeable island, standing alone far out on the horizon, a seemingly blue anvil of rock, surrounded by the inhospitable Arctic Ocean. Grímsey is home to little more than one hundred people (and a million seabirds) and is an utterly pure and separate world from the rest of Iceland. As the country’s remotest (inhabited) offshore island, Grímsey grants the traveller the gift of isolation and windswept beauty...

Electric Vehicles in Oxford EV Charging Point
Wed 29 May 2019

New research revealed by a national renewable energy supplier has found that Oxford is the sixth most prepared city in the UK for the predicted rise in electric vehicles (EVs) on the roads, with the costs of running this type of vehicle set to equate to the same cost of running a standard internal combustion engine car by 2021...