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Jill Rayner


I am very proud to be the publisher of a group of lifestyle magazines in Oxfordshire. I have worked in publishing for over 35 years and am more passionate than ever about the role of print titles in our community .

The Feathered Nest
Tue 6 Feb 2024

Going back to a venue that bowled you over the first time you visited, did it again the second time, and again on the third, is always risky. After all, how can you improve upon or even maintain this standard of excellence? As you can imagine, it was with a little trepidation that I accepted the invitation to experience the tasting menu from the new Head Chef Renemar Pinedo.

Mon 5 Jun 2023

If you have never experienced the rooftop restaurant at The Ashmolean or haven’t been for a while, this is your time to connect.

Our Songs The Osmonds Gold Lettering
Mon 28 Jan 2019

The Osmonds were four to begin with — Alan, Wayne, Merrill and Jay. “Walt Disney discovered us and put us on his shows,” the latter tells me from the Scottish Highlands (he hasn't come across Nessie yet but has a friend in Inverness who tells him the monster is real). He continues, “Then Andy Williams saw us and we were on his show for about nine years.” It was on Williams' programme that Donny joined them, and it was here that the brothers learnt to play instruments. “Every week we were told we had to do something different. So one week we had to learn to play piano, and the next we had to learn to play saxophone.” The show opened up their understanding, he says, not just of playing music but of its production too. “We were blessed to have that as our vehicle.”